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The premiere orthodontic study group for modern business owners.

Ortho Exchange joins the brightest minds in modern orthodontics to share knowledge of all things ortho: from best practices and developing research to the ins-and-outs of running a business and marketing in today’s world. Our active community freely shares its beneficial experience and encourages the pursuit of becoming a better orthodontist and practice. By requiring that each member runs his or her own practice, the shared experience of the community is unparalleled.

Dr. Tony Ladner

Check out this pan. 26 y.o. female with an impacted LL7. What would you do?

Dr. Alan Thomas

Ugh. Is the OMFS comfortable extracting 3rds and repositioning the LL7?

Dr. Karen Walker

Make sure you have the surgeon check the LR7 too. That distoangular orientation could be a real challenge.

What are the benefits?


With over 1,000,000 hours combined of shared orthodontic knowledge, our community is unrivaled in its wealth of experience, activity and curiosity. Our exclusive Facebook group is available 24/7/365 to members and offers what orthodontists need, where they already are.


Our events marry continuing education and networking with some of the brightest minds and biggest names in orthodontics today. From wine bars in San Francisco to skiing events in Vail, you’ll want to clear your calendar for any OE event.


Being a successful orthodontist in a healthy practice means constantly learning and growing. Our extensive library offers crucial information in an variety of fields including HR, marketing, and clinical practice. The knowledge traded here is invaluable for any practice founded on orthodontic excellence.

Think we're the right fit for you?

If you have your own practice in a city without a current member, Ortho Exchange could be just the community for you. See our testimonials below find out what orthodontists are saying about us, then apply to get access to the country’s richest community and library of orthodontic ideas.

“I have been a member of OE for about 2 years and I can only say that it has been one of the best investments I have ever made since I opened my practice. This is a group of fine orthodontists who are always willing to share their knowledge or provide with ideas to improve your practice. David Buttler goes above and beyond to provide the group with great discounts and amazing conferences. I will be a member of OE for many years to come and I highly recommend to every orthodontist (recent grad, associate or established practice owner) to be part of it!”

Dr. Silvana Gonzalez Manzur

"In the evolution of continuing education, OrthoExchange has blazed the trail in Orthodontics. The peer-to-peer support and advancement of ideas has been revolutionary, and many of the doctors in the group I am honored to call lifelong friends. Thank you, David Butler, for bringing us all together."

Dr. Anil Idiculla

“There is continuing education and then there is continuous education in real time, all day, any time of the day. The Orthodontic Exchange represents a paradigm shift in the connectivity of private practice docs offering each other advice, support, and fellowship for the betterment of one’s practice, patients, and staff. I could not practice the same way without it!”

Dr. Jonathan Nicozisis

“I have participated in and of been invited to participate in many many orthodontic study clubs over my career. This is one of the very few study clubs that I have actually sought out, and happily continued my membership in. The advantages of having a broad swath of practice philosophies, coupled with geographic exclusivity, and leadership which is selfless and positive is a far cry from many of the Facebook orthodontic study clubs that are popular today. Without question the OrthoExchange Study club is the best group in the country.”

Dr. John Graham

“I’ve hired a lot of consultants and bought a lot of gadgets over the years to help build and manage my practice. None however has produced an ROI anywhere close to that I receive from my membership in the Orthodontic Exchange group. It is a study club on steroids!”

Dr. Greg Jorgensen

“The OrthoExchange gives me a chance to flesh out new ideas with a fun and knowledgeable sounding board. It also provides a much needed nod from my peers to rethink my current ideas on running my practice. Perhaps most importantly it has given me the courage to leave behind old ideas I've unwittingly harbored even though they are not helping my bottomline. Amazing group of people where no hierarchy of exists. Everyone's ideas are considered, rebutted, praised and critiqued with a fair and fresh outlook.”

Dr. Cole Johnson

“Simply put, OrthoExchange is the best orthodontic forum out there. Forget expensive consultants who have never stepped one-foot in the trenches as an owner of a busy practice. Rather learn clinical and practice management pearls from our country's rising orthodontic stars. OE has made me better, period."

Dr. Neal Kravitz

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